Preparing for a Divorce

What Can I Do Now to Prepare For A Divorce?

There are documents you will want to bring when you meet with us if you are contemplating filing for divorce or if your spouse has already filed for divorce.  However, do not worry if you do not have these documents in your possession as they can be
requested and obtained through the discovery process:

  • Real Estate Appraisals
  • Mortgage Statements – most recent and previous year end statement
  • Individual Income Tax Returns – last 5 years
  • Retirement Plan Statements – current statements from any profit sharing, pension, Keogh, annuity, IRA, 403(b), 401k or any other retirement plan for you and your spouse. In the event you cannot get these documents, these can be acquired by our office.
  • Securities – list of stocks and bonds owned, date of purchase, purchase price, current owner of such securities.  This information can be obtained by you by requesting the information directly from the financial institution.
  • Life Insurance – Make copies of information regarding all life insurance policies, copies of the fact sheets
  • Bank Accounts – current statements showing the balance in all bank, savings and loan or any other financial institution, account numbers
  • Credit Card Statements – most recent statements
  • Credit Report, if one has already been prepared.

Other important documents:

Estate or Trust Interests – If you or your spouse has an interest in a trust or in any estate, inheritance, or future interest which may become yours or your spouses in the near future, copies reflecting this interest will be helpful.

Business Interests – If you or your spouse has an interest in any business entity, copies of the business income tax returns and the schedules attached to the returns for the past five years will be helpful.  Balance sheets and profit and loss statements for the last five years will also need to be sought.  If you are not able to access this information, your attorney can secure this information.

Please contact the Indianapolis, Indiana, family law lawyers at Fillenwarth & Stolle for help in guiding you through your divorce.


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