An adoption is a wonderful and joyous event but one that should be facilitated by a lawyer who can ensure that the proper legal requirements are followed in a timely and efficient manner.  The lawyers at Fillenwarth & Associates work closely with adoptive parents to help Adoption Lawthem every step of the way through the adoption process providing their knowledge, compassion, support and guidance throughout the entire adoption process.

There are several types of adoptions that our Indiana family law attorneys facilitate:

Private Placement Adoptions:

Generally, private placement adoption or non-agency adoptions are handled by a private attorney.  Indiana permits these private adoptions to be facilitated by a licensed child-placing agency or by a private attorney.  Contact our firm to set up a consultation to discuss how we can guide you through this process.

Public Agency Adoptions:

Public agency adoptions are facilitated through the Indiana Department of Child Services (DCS) and generally occur when a child is a ward or where parental rights have been terminated.  Usually, the child is in a foster home.  Generally, in this type of adoption the child (or children) will be adopted by the family with whom the child is residing or their foster family.

Prospective adoptive families adopting through the Indiana Department of Child Services will need to undergo an adoptive home study and receive special needs adoption training.  In public agency adoptions, adoption subsidies may be available to cover non-recurring expenses, such as attorney’s fees.  The adoption attorneys at Fillenwarth & Associates are experienced in navigating the steps that are required as part of a public agency adoption. Our attorneys also have extensive experience in effectively negotiating
adoption subsidies that may be available when adopting a child.

Step-Parent Adoptions:

Our family law attorneys have extensive experience in facilitating adoptions by a step-parent.  Step-parent adoptions do not always require the consent by the other biological parent.  Our skilled lawyers are knowledgeable in navigating through Indiana’s notice and consent requirements required in an adoption case.  We also have significant experience representing parents and step-parents in contested adoption cases.

Relative Adoptions:

Indiana law permits relative adoptions provided the requisite procedures are followed.  Relative adoptions and third party adoptions are permitted in Indiana.  Contact our adoption lawyers at Fillenwarth & Associates to set up a consultation regarding the necessary requisites for a relative adoption.

Contested Adoptions:

Our adoption attorneys have extensive experience in dealing with contested adoptions and have represented both adoptive parents in contested adoptions as well as biological parents contesting a proposed adoption.  Our attorneys have significant  experience in preparing and effectively presenting contested adoptions to a trial court.  If you are seeking to contest a proposed adoption or are seeking to adopt a child where the other parent will likely contest the adoption, please contact Christine Stolle or Steven Fillenwarth at 317.638.7473 to lead you through the process.

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