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Choosing a lawyer to represent you in your divorce, or any family law matter, is more than just picking a name.  It is finding a lawyer that you feel comfortable with so that you can establish a close relationship that will likely continue for months if not for years.  It is imperative that you feel comfortable with your lawyer so that you can work together effectively and efficiently.  Given the intimate nature of family law matters, you must be able to trust your lawyer so that you can share these details while also listening to your lawyer give you information and advice that may not always be easy to hear.

At Fillenwarth & Associates, we concentrate our practice solely to family law issues.  Given the complexity of family law issues, it is imperative you hire a lawyer who recognizes the issues involved in your case, who is knowledgeable about the most recent changes in the law, and is sensitive to the emotional stress inherent in family law issues.

We understand that the emotional stress of divorce, support proceedings, and custody litigation may be overwhelming, but our experienced law firm will be there supporting you every step of the way.  We realize one of the hardest things to do is end a marriage.  Knowing this may be one of the most difficult choices you will make, at Fillenwarth & Associates not only will you find experienced legal counsel, but you will find skilled attorneys that understand your family law situation is unique and that your family’s needs are unique.  You will find an accomplished law firm that is responsive, decisive, and compassionate about your family law matter.  We will devote our time, energy and skill to give you the confidence to not only survive your divorce but give you the confidence to successfully move on with your life.

Please contact the Indianapolis, Indiana, family law lawyers at Fillenwarth & Associates for representation of your family law matter.

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